Sunday, November 30, 2014

The truth about secrets

Cari Amici!

I know a's a phrase that instantly will get hearts racing, ears itching to know what it is, and mouths ready to reveal it.

A secret kept can break hearts. A secret told can crush them. A secret ignored can destroy a person.

The word secrets is accompanied by words like intrigue, mystery, heartbreak, scandal, rumors, gossip, and pain. Often it's accompanied by these two words dirty little making the infamous phrase dirty little secret

And yet, we are a society full of secrets. A quick google search will instantly pull up thousands of quotes on secrets.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Now this one I thought was most profound. How often do we keep secrets from ourselves? For example, I was afraid of failure and rejection for so long and yet never was really willing to admit it. I think that's the most dangerous thing we can do. When we keep a secret from ourselves, we don't give ourselves the chance to face it, to overcome it, to recognize it.  

And yet how often do we try? How often do we hope that time will wash away a secret truth or a secret lie that we don't want anybody to know? Time reveals all truth. 

How morbid this seems? And yet I think it might be true. I was bullied so badly during high school I thought about suicide. That's one secret that somebody told that broke my heart. I think we all have things we've been through and things that if we talked about would hurt others. And yet, if we don't tell them, it might just break their hearts anyway.

Okay, I love books. I couldn't help this one. I think it's true though. Books really are incredible. 

Secrets are powerful. They are enough to bind people together or to destroy them. What do you guys think? Are secrets a good thing or not? Why are we so fascinated with them?



Thursday, November 13, 2014

Hello Everybody!


This is Danica Page. I have been a book-blogger for about 3 years now at Taking it One Page at a Time. I love reading and I loved exploring my thoughts about reading. I then started a writing/editing blog Filling Up the Pages.

Both of these blogs have allowed me to explore my ideas about reading and writing, but I wanted to start a blog that would allow me to explore myself—the girl behind the pages.

This blog is a new idea and one that I haven't fully developed yet, but this is going to be a blog dedicated to life, my interests, my likes, my passions, my beliefs, everything me. 

I hope you enjoy it. Here's to a new adventure. 


Danica Page