Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Fear, Dreams, and Flying

Cari Amici,

I think sometimes we don't realize how well we've mastered the art of pretending. I think sometimes we're pretending and we don't even realize that we're pretending to ourselves too. 

Sometimes we want something so badly that is scares us and so we ignore it. We deny it. Or better yet we pretend that we don't want it all. We just run.

And then we're forced to confront it. And then our heart shatters. We can feel fear building up inside of us and a want that is undeniable. We're in fight or flight. Fight the fear and chase our dreams. Or flee and go back to the safe, the normal. 

We have to make a choice and sometimes it's not easy to choose. We want to choose to chase our dreams and yet something holds us back and all too often we choose the safe, the familiar. 

We even lie to ourselves without realizing what we're doing.

The things we don't have control over Marriage. Love. Romance. Fame. Respect. Success. Friends. I think we all want those things. 

In the Lana Del Ray song Young and Beautiful there's a line that says "Will you still love me when I'm no longer young and beautiful?" For me, that's proof. We have these questions. Ones that sometimes we're afraid to have answered. We have these dreams that we're afraid to admit we have. 

I think that for all of us there's something we want to chase after, but another something holds us back. Until one day, we just decide to take the leap and go for it. Only then can we find out if we're going to fly or fall. 

So today I'm going to take that leap, at least with one of these dreams I'm aware of. I'm not going to pretend anymore. 

I challenge you to do the same. Find out what's that something you want and then go for it. Take the leap of faith. If we fall, we'll land among some of the greats and start climbing our way back up.


Danica Page

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