Thursday, June 25, 2015

Burying Our Heads Doesn't Change Reality

Cari Amici,

Rarely do I engage in political or controversial issues online. It seems that whenever you do, there are a thousand voices ready to slam whatever you have to say down. 

However, some issues are worth speaking up about. Some issues are worth issuing a wake up call for.  

The truth is burying our heads is never going to change anything, not in a million years will ignoring problems lead to a solution.

If people hadn't stood up, would African-Americans still be enslaved? Would labor laws ever have been unforced? Animal rights? Human rights? The list goes on and on.

People deserve to be treated as people. People deserve to know that when they are victims of something horrible that somebody cares. People deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. 

We all have the responsibility and ability to step up and help make changes. 

Ignoring human trafficking that takes place in our backyard, pretending that children aren't abused in our neighborhood, acting as if there are no cases of domestic violence, and pretending like everybody has been given the same opportunities we've had won't make these realities any less real. 

It never has and it never will. 

We have the ability and the responsibility to step up and do our part. We have the moral obligation to care about our fellow brothers and sisters (our neighbors). 

Ignoring these problems won't change anything.

We all need to step up and commit to making a difference. The facts are there; the problems are there; and the solutions are there.

Now it's just up to us to make a difference. That's what I'll be exploring over the next few days. 


Danica Page